We are leaders.  We are pioneers.  We are women forging forward in spaces typically dominated by men.  We are entrepreneurs, artists, designers, builders, creators, & professionals. We are the women you don't see coming.  We are the women you wont forget.

cristy lee

As a TV host, Brand Ambassador and long-time motorcycle enthusiast, Cristy Lee is excited to be part of Motoblot once again!  You may know Cristy Lee best as the Host of “Garage Squad” and “All Girls Garage” on the MotorTrend Network and also the “Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions LIVE” on both MotorTrend and Discovery Channel.  


As a veteran TV Automotive host, Cristy adds ‘Garage Squad’ to her hosting repertoire this season, rescuing countless car enthusiasts beloved rides right in their own garages all filmed here in the Metro Chicago area!   


In addition to her experience as a TV host, she’s also been seen as a Motorsports Reporter covering XGames, MotoGP, WorldSuperBike, MotoAmerica, American Flat Track, Arenacross, Nitro Rallycross, Off-Road Truck racing, and Monster Jam.  


In her spare time, Cristy Lee is a highly active motorcyclist with over 16 years of riding experience, spending time turning laps at track-days, riding moto trails, or just cruising around the country to different events!


Ellie Rains is the founder of Women Riders Motorcycle Group USA. An organization and group that is empowering women who ride their own and those that have a strong desire to learn. Offering support, information and a community with like-minded women. Women Riders Motorcycle Group USA is highly respected within the motorcycle community for their ongoing efforts to support the women rider. She is also the founder of Midwest Women Riders MWR. She is one amazing woman with a heart of gold! 


Jill Sandmire is a Producer, Make-Up Artist, Actress, and Co-Director of Operations for Women of The Now, an all female filmmaking collective focused on balancing the workforce on sets to be more inclusive and international. Over the past 12 years Jill has been a part of creating several independent features, short films, tv shows and commercials in the city of Chicago, her latest project, is Rogue Women, a feature documentary on women who ride motorcycles. This is a very exciting project as there is no comprehensive documentary on women riders, a distinct subculture within a subculture. Jill started riding motorcycles 5 years ago, when she decided she was tired of being a passenger or being dependant on the many men she knew that would take her for rides. It's been an incredible adventure ever since, riding around the island of Oahu, HI twice, the Mountains of Colorado, across Louisiana, Arizona's Camel Back Mountain, and the Lake Michigan Circle tour, she has tens of thousands of miles in the saddle. All along the way she has met and been inspired by so many amazing, strong women, like many of you in the room today.

jennifer williams

I stared Wind & Throttle after scouring motorcycle websites and finding so few options for protective and great-fitting riding gear for women. Gear for women was scarce, paled in comparison to men’s options, and what gear was available was often often riddled with pink embroidery or designed with only sex appeal in mind. Wind & Throttle was designed to be the one stop shop where women can find gear that is designed for them, usually by other female riders who know what we want in a great piece of gear: protection, function, comfort and style!


This is the second year Jeanette DesJardins has been a featured speaker. Her story is truly inspirational. She is the President & Founder of Car Chix, the premier motorsports organization for women and Crank It Media, an internet marketing company that specializes in the motorsports, industrial and entertainment industries.  Jeanette has over 15+ years of experience working in the automotive and racing industry; including small repair shops, dealerships, dragstrips and several racing organizations.

Car Chix is the premier motorsports organization for women. Since 2010, the award-winning organization has been advertising, promoting and providing resources world-wide to women in motorsports and the automotive industries.  In addition, Car Chix has a pristine reputation for delivering motorsports events geared towards women, including the Car Chix Ladies Only Drag Races and the Drag Racing for Life Breast Cancer Fundraiser. 

more coming soon.....

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